Dynamic Wetting Control

Understand and control the governing physics of wetting and apply it to phase changes.

Solid-liquid contact line / Contact line friction / Contact angle hysteresis / Rapid wetting / Dynamic wetting / Surface microstructure / Surface wettability control / Phase change / Heat exchanger / Heat transfer enhancement

Dynamic phenomena of liquid wetting and thoes contact line movement on solid surfaces are found everywhere in everyday life, nature, and industry. Such dynamic phenomena are complex systems due to their non-equilibrium and multi-scale nature. Despite their familiarity, they present many unresolved challenges. Our research focuses on understanding the underlying physics governing wetting phenomena, with a primary emphasis on controlling and predicting wetting behavior. Discovering fascinating physics throughout the research, one of our major goal is to enhance heat transfer efficiency by increasing water mobility and impeding or delaying freezing and frosting. Moreover, we strive to implement these developed technologies in practical applications such as printing, coating and heat exchangers working in collaboration with industries.

High-speed imaging of water spreading over hydrophilic glass substrate surface
Selective droplet transport using asymmetric surface microstructures and droplet oscillation
Condensation control and formation of dry surfaces during freezing over micro triangular pillar arrays
MD simulation of freezing suppression of water by introducing poly ethylene glycol molecules