Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

Accelerate the spread of thermoelectric materials and devices in society.

Energy harvesting / IoT / Thermoelectric property / Seebeck effect / Silicon / Natural cooling

Our focus lies in developing sustainable and efficient thermoelectric materials and devices capable of generating electricity from temperature differences found in the environment, such as those within the range of room temperature (± several tens of degrees Celsius). To achieve this goal, we are developing high-performance thermoelectric materials based on silicon that are safe and abundant, and also developing passive cooling mechanisms that take advantage of enhanced heat transfer via water adsorption and desorption characteristics of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and hydrogels in response to temperature changes. 
By combining advancements in thermoelectric materials and passive cooling methods, we strive to accelerate the integration of thermoelectric technologies into various applications, revolutionizing power generation and sustainability in the modern world.